How do the Time Tracker and Project Management Software work?

Configuring PerfQ and the Time Tracker can be easily done in no time! Download and install the Tracking Solutions Client, Create your PerfQ account, log in with your credentials on the Tracker, and you’re all set!. Timekeeping made easy for your projects!. PerfQ will free you from the uncertainty on how much to charge your clients for your jobs, and how much to pay your employees for theirs, as you will know the exact amount of hours for these.

After signing up for our time tracking software all you need to do is follow these three simple steps in order to begin tracking your employees and managing your teams.

Download the software

From the website and save it to your computer.

Install the Time Tracker app

Install the Time Tracker app

on your computer following the instructions provided in the video tutorial.

Use your PerfQ Username and Password

provided to you after you sign up. Login on the app start tracking the time spent on your different work projects, as well as enjoying all the features you have hired.

How To Access Timesheets And Reports Of Hours Tracked?

Accessing your logs and information couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is go to the PerfQ Web App and log in with your PerfQ credentials, and there you’ll have an intuitive interface to access all your logs, reports and timesheet accumulated during your time using PerfQ. Available resources from the Web App will include graphs on programs used (WordCloud) and Time worked by employee per day, week or month (Gantt Chart), as well as time spent to complete a task or project.

Project managers will be able to see their information and also the logged hours of every employee working on their specific projects, this way they can manage their teams and check their productivity at all times.

Company owners will have access to all the logged hours on their company, allowing them to see reports, timesheets, and screenshots of every employee and project manager working for them.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Time Managing Tool Like PerfQ?

Using PerfQ as your Time Tracking And Project Management Solution of choice will provide your company with the ultimate competitive edge in Time-effective Project Management leaving your rival companies in shock and awe. In addition to the fact that it’s affordable and scalable, as well as user-friendly and it requires very little to none customer support, here are some of the most important advantages offered by PerfQ:

what are the advantages of using a time managing tool like perfq

Custom Graphs for measuring elements like time logged on Projects/Tasks per day, Week, and Month. As well as weighted Graphs on programs most used by the worker throughout the workday.

User-friendly website to access timesheets, screenshots, detailed Project and Task reports and much more.

Fully Customizable resources to fit the needs of every client. Including: Video Conferencing (1 to 1 and group calls). Calls, Group Calls, Chat, Screen Sharing, File transfers, Sharing code snippets and Call recording.

It is an accurate real time tracker of your teams to measure performance.

Detailed reports of logged hours structured by project and task for billing and payroll purposes.

High-quality screenshots are taken every minute, along with detailed keyboard and mouse usage reports.

Software compatible with every operating system available (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc)

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